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3AE1185-6BF55-0FM9-Z E13+F20+F30+R1G

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3AE1185-6BF55-0FM9-Z E13+F20+F30+R1G
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Вакуумный силовой выключатель SION 3AE1 12kV 31.5kA 2500A pole-center distance 210mm width across flats 310mm secondary equipment : operating cycle counter 2 position switches for signal closing spring charged closing solenoid 1st. and 2nd. shunt releases voltage of closing solenoid DC 220V voltage of 1st release DC 220V voltage of 2nd release DC 220V for fixed mounting voltage of motor op.mechanism DC 220V auxiliary switch 12no+12nc Secondary connection 27pole terminal strip rating plate and instructions in russian, frequency of secondary voltage 50Hz rated power frequency withstand voltage 42kV instead of 28kV routine test certificate provided hand crank

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